These are several Centers of Excellence, which include:

TOUMA EAR AND BALANCE CENTER: It consists of a highly trained and experienced team delivering state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of ear and balance problems. The inner ear lab is a state-of-the-art facility that includes West Virginia’s only computerized rotary chair to accurately diagnose the source of balance problems in order to administer proper treatment. The center is in an integrated facility, including medical and surgical treatment of ear diseases, hearing loss, balance disorders, a cochlear implant team, and a neurotologist.

Almost all hearing-impaired patients can benefit from one method of treatment or another. Microsurgery of the ear can control infection and restore a perforated eardrum or damaged ear. Antibiotics can control infection causing hearing loss. A medically or surgically correctable hearing loss will be handled by your expert ear specialists.

VOICE AND SWALLOWING CENTER: Hoarseness due to benign or malignant tumors can be detected in a timely fashion by using the most advanced equipment and technology. However, there are other conditions, such as neurological disorders,
dysfunction of movement of the vocal cords, and weakness or paralysis of the vocal cords, that can result in hoarseness. With a fellowship-trained laryngologist, advanced and sophisticated videostroboscopy, and endoscopic examination, these disorders can be detected early, leading to early improvement and recovery.

SINUS CENTER: Our specialists are trained to treat various nasal and sinus conditions using both medical and surgical treatment. In addition to routine endoscopic sinus surgery, our physicians are experienced in the most technologically advanced image-guided sinus surgery.

TOUMA AUDIOLOGY AND HEARING AID CENTERS: Unlike hearing aid dispensers, a team of certified audiologists, under medical supervision, can thoroughly evaluate your hearing and recommend a customized solution, including digital, programmable, and sometimes nearly invisible hearing aids. Every patient is entitled to a two-month trial period.

ALLERGY LAB: Providing several different methods of allergy testing, our physicians and trained staff can comprehensively evaluate your allergy status. Allergy injections are prepared in our facilities based on your individual and specific allergies.

LASER, ENDOSCOPIC, AND MICROSURGERY: Three of the most important breakthroughs in medicine have been laser technology, endoscopic procedures, and microsurgery. These advanced methods have increased precision, they provide greater comfort and faster recovery. Our specialists are experts in these areas, achieving better results.

SNORING AND SLEEP APNEA MANAGEMENT: Snoring is a very common problem that causes medical, marital and social problems. People often suffer for years with loud, disruptive snoring that can be helped. There are several safe and effective solutions to markedly reduce snoring. It can be relieved by treating obstruction in the nose, palate, and throat, often on an outpatient basis.

CHILDREN: Children are especially prone to ear, nose, and throat problems due to immature immune system. Early detection and treatment of hearing loss and other problems related to the ear, nose, and throat can often prevent chronic diseases, serious complications, and even surgery. Our physicians understand that children, especially, require gentle care, patience, and reassurance.

NON-SURGICAL SOLUTIONS: Even though we have highly qualified, experienced, and specialized surgical teams, we strive to control ear, nose, and throat problems medically and conservatively, when indicated. Advances in antibiotics and medications have significantly reduced the need for surgery as a primary treatment in many diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. Occasionally, medical treatment is unsuccessful or inappropriate, and in these situations, surgery may be the reasonable choice. Certain conditions require both medical and surgical treatment for optimal response.