It is a known fact that noise over a certain level can produce hearing loss. Unfortunately the emphasis is on industrial noise induced hearing loss. Non- industrial noise exposure can equally be harmful to the hearing. It is established that noise over 85-90 decibels can produce hearing loss. Many non-industrial noise sources emit high levels, such as lawn mower (110-120 decibels), hair blower (110-115 decibels), target shooting and hunting (140-150 decibels), and jet airplane (130-140 decibels). Head set stereos (walkman) can reach 130 decibels, and rock concerts (125-140 decibels). These are a few examples of exposure to hazardous non-industrial noise. Fortunately, simple measures can be taken to protect the hearing, such as wearing ear muffs or foam rubber ear plugs when shooting, lawn mowing, leaf blowing, etc. Keep the volume down when listening to personal head set stereos and wear ear plugs when attending loud rock concerts.

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